SE 18 SATGAS, new requirements for traveling international

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Foreigners can enter without vaccination but need to vaccinate in quarantine are :

a) diplomats, holding dinas or ITAS or ITAP
b) those aged 12-17

For all others a fully vaccination certificate for covid is necessary, except:
a) those with a doctor’s letter from a government hospital in the country of departure documenting a health condition that excludes them from being vaccinated
b) those under 18
c) those that hold a diplomat/dinas visa

Foreigners are further exempt from vaccine requirements for domestic flights if connecting to a flight out of Indonesia (without leaving transit area)
Current PCR & quarantine rules remain the same: 3×24 hours sample before departing origin country, test on arrival and the 7th day, release from quarantine on the 8th day if negative

Summary of changes

a) Rapid Antigen is now only valid for 1×24 hours
b) Vaccine exemption letters need to be formally written by specialists
c) Air travel is allowed with a rapid antigen test only within Java/Bali if vaccinated twice.
d) Flights from Level 3 & 4 areas must have 1 dose vaccine & PCR 2×24 hours.
e) For flights within Java or Java to and from Bali 2 doses of vaccine & antigen 1×24 hours are also valid.
f) Other transport modes in level 3 & 4 areas, plus Java & Bali requires 1 dose of vaccine plus PCR 2x24hrs or antigen 1×24 hrs
g) Transport within to/from level 1/2 outside Java/Bali requires only a 1x24hr rapid antigen or 2x24hr PCR and vaccine certificate not required
h) Exemption from these requirements within a regency for land transport (private or public) if you have a STRP or surat tugas (letter from your company)
i) Vaccine is not required for logistic drivers or those with a letter from a doctor at government hospital
j) Under 12’s are still not allowed to travel.

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