Emergency PPKM Extended Until End of July 2021

In this article:

Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, has revealed that the Emergency PPKM in Java and Bali will be extended until the end of July 2021 from the previously announced date 20th July 2021.

“Earlier at the cabinet meeting that I attended when I was in Sukoharjo, it was decided by the president that Emergency PPKM will continue until the end of July,” said Muhadjir.

He added that with the extension of this Emergency PPKM, President Jokowi conveyed that there were several risks. Among them was related to social assistance.

“This extension does have many risks, including how to balance it together and how we will increase the discipline of complying with health protocols and PPKM standards,” he said.

Muhadjir said the government could not bear the burden of social assistance. “Therefore, it is impossible for the government to pay for the social assistance by the state itself. The community works together,” he said.


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